16m² proposes collections of objects which surprises on the supposed simplicity of the drawing, the clear, almost obvious line.

Each objects questions on its method of manufacture, leaving place to the curiosity and the awakening of its user.

Our design and manufacturing charter is based on 3 main principles :

/A search for the most virtuous materials, manufactured in Europe.

//a controllable production using a minimum of energy and constrained tools such as 3d printers for the general public. They are used to produce both our parts and our molds. Additive manufacturing allows us to produce only on demand. No more mass production to amortize the manufacturing tools, no more stocks... less waste.

///Our last pillar is the design, our objects are the result of a reflection on both its aesthetic message and its usability. As far as possible, our design integrates a strong notion of reparability in order to guarantee our objects are durable and transferable

Our drawing also questions the tool, it tries to push back the technical limits. A game is set up between the pencil and the machine requiring an empirical approach and the intervention of human gestures for a good progress of the manufacture.

Thus from the field of experimentation are born protocols modifying the standard use of the tool.

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